September 22, 2008
Directed by Ralph Meranto
Hosted by Norma Holland

Downstairs Cabaret Theatre
Medley from Boomermania
Performers: Matthew Barbato, Alanna Chuyan, Nicole DiMattei, Mikey Lobalsamo, Anne Montanon, Ira Sargent
Accompanist: Danny Glass
Writers/Directors: Debbie Kasper and Pat Sierchio

Off-Monroe Players
"The Hours Creep on Apace" from HMS Pinafore
Performer: Holly Corcoran
Accompanist: Marcia Sheremeta
Director: Jad Jordan

Rochester Community Players
In A Perfect World by Jay Hannigan
Performers: M. Krickmire, W. Bishop, R. Herber
Director: Michael Kirckmire

Black Sheep Theatre
Scene from The Hill of Victory by M.L. Powell
Performers: Vince Dalba, Stephen Elliott, Morey Fazzi, Gina Menzer-Kunz, Louie Podlaski, Meredith Powell
Director: Louie Podlaski

Village Idiots Present
Improv: Town Hall Debate
Performers: Miranda Cologgi, James Johnson, Adrian Jones, Swithun No, Eve Privman, BJ Scanlon, Laura Volk
Accompanist: Keith Handy

Medley from Rent, School Edition
Performers: Marque Callicut, Andre Cambell, Beth Conley, John Cummings, Maria Dell'Anno, Erik Hubbard, Terrance James, Taylor Kelly, Jessica Lodice, Kasey Murray, Lorenzo Parnell, Nakiya Peterkin, Shawn Romero, Nicolette Simonelli, DeAnne Stewart
Accompanist: Alison Cuchiarale
Director: Judith Ranaletta
Choreographer: Matthew Clark


Everybuddies Theater Company/ARC of Monroe County
"If I Can't Love Her" from Beauty and the Beast
Performer: Justin Falco
Accompanist: J.P. Simpson
Director: Susan Ware

Unleashed! Improv
Improv: 4 Minutes Max
Performers: David Abdoch, Marc D'Amico, Ken Klamm, Eve Privman, S. Michael Smith, John Forrest Thompson, Elizabeth Winslow, Kerry Young

Penfield Players
Scene from Echoes
Performers: Mark D'Annunzio and Stephanie Roosa
Director: Stephanie Roosa

Method Machine
Scene from Lux in Tenebris
Performers: Bethany McBane and Patrick White
Director: David Henderson

Pittsford Musicals
"Broadway Baby" and "That Mister Man of Mine" from Dames at Sea
Performers: Dan Howell and Susan Milner
Accompanist: Steve Marsocci
Director: Pam Marsocci

Push Physical Theatre
Performers: Darren and Heather Stevenson
Choreography: Tom Ohl, Darren Stevenson, Heather Stevenson

JCC CenterStage
"Lot's Wife" from Caroline, or Change
Performer: Rianne Mitchell
Music Director/Accompanist: Andy Pratt
Director: David Henderson

Production Team
Producer: Greg Weber
Associate Producer: Lorri Fischer
Producing Coordinator: Jean Gordon Ryon
Assistant Producer: Nerissa Stiles
Stage Manager: Tom Habecker
Back Stage Captain: Kevin Swift
Light Board Operator: Nate Coons
Sound Board Operator: Ian Hildreth
Follow Spot Operator: Dale McAdam
Stage Crew: Mark Casey, Liz Gill, Dan Horrocks, Art Kuh, Lois Kuh, Jonathan Lowery, Tony Tambasco
Ushers/Greeters: Johanna Bystrom, Anthony Carter, Norma Cummings, Ben Hale, Pat Doohan, Justin Falco, David Fisher, Lisa Fisher, Melanie Kelly, Jake Kent, Patti Lewis, Karen Mason, Jay Moscowitz, Dave Murphy, David Raymond, Jessica Reeser, Marcy Savastano, Marilyn Sergent, Tom Sergent, Jan Smith, Debbie Smola, Dineen Thorton, Amanda Vito

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